Thematic Sectors

Equipment for textile manufacture

  • Equipment for man-made fibers
  • Equipment for primary treatment of natural fibers
  • Equipment for production of yarn made from natural and man-made fibers
  • Preparative equipment for manufacture of natural and man-made textiles
  • Winding and spooling equipment
  • Weaving equipment
  • Finishing equipment for textile manufacture
  • Miscellaneous machinery for textile manufacture
  • Equipment for knitting manufacture

Equipment for garment manufacture

  • Machinery for garment manufacture
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Equipment for wet-heat processing

Garment accessories and haberdashery

Equipment for manufacture of technical textiles and nonwovens

  • Equipment for manufacture of medical textiles, hygiene and sanitation
  • Equipment for manufacture of nonwovens and technical textiles
  • • Equipment for manufacture of man-made fibers and threads

Spare parts, components and hardware

Equipment for manufacture of footwear and leather haberdashery

Test and measuring, auxiliary equipment parts and materials

  • Handling facilities and devices
  • Packaging and labeling machines
  • Equipment repair and upgrade
  • R&D
  • Recycling in textile industry